Post-Operative Recovery

The geko™ device can prevent oedema and promote functional activity following foot surgery

The geko™ device delivers market leading enhancement of lower limb blood flow to conveniently promote the healing of wounds and connective tissue injuries in the foot, ankle and calf region, specifically the treatment of Oedema found following acute injury or surgery.

The healing process following foot and ankle surgery can take a long time1

  • 3 months- fair
  • 6 months -good
  • 12 months to regain a feeling of normality


Post-operatively it is important to elevate the leg to reduce bleeding, pain and swelling and enhance recovery. Excess fluids impede oxygen delivery and wound healing

1.  Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital A Patient's Guide to Preparing for Foot & Ankle Surgery


Case Studies



Patient who used the device after an Ankle Arthroscopy

"The benefits I received from wearing the geko™ device were clear and visibly reduced swelling around the ankle and with no pain. I was able to have full ankle movement only 10 days post Microfracture. The device was easy to apply, clear instructions received from Nicola, which were easily followed. There is nothing I would change about the geko™ device if I was to wear it again, all seemed to work as required. Excellent product.

Patients who used the device after foot surgery carried out at The Spire Hospital

"Excellent device it kept the swelling at bay, my dressing came of easily after the first week because of no swelling. The instructions from Nikki were very easy to follow and there would be nothing that I would change about the geko™. It was very easy to apply and very comfortable, an excellent device."

"I would certainly recommend the geko™ device, my own experience has been very positive as I feel it has certainly helped the operation on my big toe to heel quickly due to improved circulation to my lower leg, foot and ankle, therefore reducing the swelling, aiding wound healing and reducing pain and discomfort. The geko™ device improved my recovery rate because the swelling reduced which reduced my pain. I did not need to take any pain killers and I was able to move the toe with less discomfort. The device was very easy to apply and there was no problems encountered, a very neat device." (Patient was a retired nurse).

Patient who used the device after foot surgery carried out at The Bridgewater Hospital

"The geko™ device significantly reduced my pain and swelling, it distracted the pain from my operation site. I liked the fact you could adjust the level of stimulation accordingly with the click of a button. I was able to mobilise independently much quicker than I anticipated. The device was extremely simple to use, I followed a few easy steps as instructed. The battery duration of 24hrs was adequate between devices changes. There was nothing I did not like about the geko™ device, the benefits are outstanding for a simple, non-invasive device. I would definitely recommend the device to anyone needing lower limb surgery. It would be at the top of my list for any future surgical intervention."

Patient who used the device following a total hip replacement at the BMI Harbour Hospital

"The geko™ is a brilliant alternative to the stockings. The stockings are hot, uncomfortable and a nightmare to put on. The geko™ replaces these totally. The device was so easy to operate."

Patient who used the device after foot surgery carried out by Mr Anand Pillai

"From my experience using the device did not cause any inconvenience and I felt the benefits were all positive. Would have no hesitation using this again. I would have been happy to wear it for a longer period as it did ease the pain. I had a much better recovery period from the previous operation, much easier to sleep at night, as my foot was more comfortable. I had no swelling after one week from the date of my operation. No numbness or pins and needles in my toes and foot compared to operation on the left foot 4 weeks earlier."

Kate Sheehy - Lead Physiotherapist Richmond Physiotherapy

"I can see the geko™ device being really useful in a broad range of patients-certainly following surgery of the ankle, knee or hip to facilitate [increased] blood flow in the early stages post-operatively...and further on in rehab the device will have a role in tissue repair."