Pre-Operative Oedema Reduction

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Clinically proven to accelerate readiness for theatre in patients requiring  Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF)

Pre-operative oedema can often delay surgical fixation for ankle fracture patients due to risks associated with operating on swollen tissue. The current standards of care for managing readiness for theatre include leg elevation in combination with a backslab plaster cast.

A prospective and retrospective study, completed by a NHS trauma centre, investigated the use of geko™ to reduce pre-operative oedema in ankle fracture patients and compared the results to the current standards of care.

The study recruited ankle fracture patients requiring surgical fixation. The device was fitted above their backslab plaster casts. Patent compliance and readiness for theatre was recorded and matched to a historical cohort for comparison. 

The study data was statistically significant: P=0.0011, and the geko™ device was reported as well tolerated and easy to use.

Results show:

  • 2 days improvement in readiness for theatre
  • With geko™ use, 60% of patients ready for theatre in 2 days, compared to 27% in control arm, a 122% improvement
  • Current treatment = 3.66 days readiness to theatre (average)
  • The geko™ + plaster cast = 1.66 days readiness to theatre (average)


Health economic analysis shows that compared to the current standards of care, routine use of a backslab plaster cast + the geko™ device:

  • Saves an average of £569 per patient


The James Cook University Hospital



The geko™ device accelerates reduction of oedema 2

The geko™ device accelerates reduction of oedema <sup>2</sup>
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