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Who it's for

The geko™ device may be used by anyone* who might benefit from increased, lower limb circulation and a reduction of blood stasis.

It has been shown that the enhanced level of circulation provided by the OnPulse™ technology has significantly increased blood flow and blood velocity which is relevant for the prevention and treatment of oedema, wound healing, the prevention of DVT and a range of other circulatory disorders (A.T.Tucker et al. Int. J. Angiol. 2010; 19 (1); e31-e37).

The geko™ device is indicated:

  • to increase blood circulation
  • for the prevention of venous thrombosis -see NICE guidance (MTG19)
  • for the prevention and treatment of oedema
  • for promoting wound healing
  • for the treatment of venous insufficiency and ischemia
  • for promoting healing of tendon and ligament injury

* Subject to some restrictions. A full list of cautions and contra-indications, including warnings and precautions, are listed within the instruction leaflet.