peer review

key opinion leaders respond to the geko™ device

During the development of the geko™ devices, key figures have provided feedback...

Mr McKinley

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr John McKinley, a consultant orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon at the Spire Murrayfield in Edinburgh, says,

"The goal of ankle fusion surgery is to relieve pain and maintain or improve function for a patient with ankle arthritis. Complex ankle fusion, which is fortunately rare, carries a higher risk of delayed and non-union fixation, as has been the experience of Mrs Hood, where she has suffered unremitting pain. By fostering an environment that embraces innovation, we have been able to prove the geko™ device as an adjunct to healing, oedema reduction and significant pain relief, with good compliance in ankle fusion surgery".


Emma Davies 

Chartered Physiotherapist and co-owner of Bristol Physio

"the geko™ has produced some outstanding results with one of my clients suffering with a long term ankle injury. She's a keen runner who sustained a nasty fracture dislocation in 2001. Her ankle was pinned and plated and has since had an arthroscopy to clean the joint out. Her main problem was the lack of range of movement and moderate swelling post exercise. Physiotherapy interventions such as acupuncture, massages and joint manipulation all helped, but she still needed to overcome the post exercise swelling when away from the Physio clinic. Nothing has helped her as much as the geko™. She applies the device, for 2 hours every night. She can now exercise/run on consecutive days for the 1st time in 12 years!"


Tom Wainwright

Physiotherapist Bournemouth

"I have used it personally with success on patients for swelling"


Pippa Rollit

Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic

"I've had another success with one of the geko's with  someone with a severe dead leg in a rugby game last week - he made a quick recovery and hopefully will be able to play for England Students this coming weekend"

Kate Sheehy

Lead Physiotherapist Richmond Physiotherapy

"I can see the gekoTM device being really useful in a broad range of patients-certainly following surgery of the ankle, knee or hip to facilitate [increased] blood flow in the early stages post-operatively ….and further on in rehab the device will have a role in tissue repair."


Mohadeen Jameel

Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Worthington, Leigh and
Wigan NHS Trust

"The gekoTM  device is providing significant immediate clinical benefit to our patients"(wound care)"


Margo Asimus 

Nurse Practitioner Wound Management, Greater Newcastle Cluster, NSW Australia

"What an amazing outcome the gekoTM has already had for the 1st patient I have instructed in its use"

Dr Peter Dean 


"Oedema decreased…Pain relief remarkable   Magic!" (venous insufficiency)


Professor T. Briggs

Medical Director, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

"I am excited by the potential of this novel device to prevent significant adverse events in a high risk, high volume population".

According to the National Joint Registry over 150,000 lower limb arthroplasty procedures were carried out throughout the UK in 2008. Thromboembolic phenomena are a significant and common risk following these operations. DVT prophylaxis is by medical therapy and by prevention of blood stasis.

We are keen to examine the effect of the neuromuscular stimulator to lower the risk of post-operative DVT both directly and indirectly via increased ambulation.


David Warwick, MD BM FRCS FRCS(Orth)

Reader in Orthopaedic Surgery
Wessex Nuffield Hospital, Southampton, SO53 2DW

"The geko™ device offers the potential for effective, affordable and convenient thromboprophylaxis".

Venous thromboembolism is an important, and largely preventable, problem in orthopaedic surgery. Mechanical methods are intuitively attractive as they can reduce the risk without introducing the alternative risk of bleeding that is associated with chemical methods. Existing mechanical methods rely on sequential or impulse compression. These devices are relatively cumbersome and expensive. Electrical stimulation showed encouraging results very many years ago and the technology warrants a revisit. The geko™device offers the potential for effective, affordable and convenient thromboprophylaxis.


Professor Ajay Kakkar

Director of  the Thrombosis Research Institute, London

"This technology has the potential to provide a paradigm shift in thrombosis prevention".