Recover faster from high intensity exercise - proven to reduce muscle soreness within 24 hours

The geko ™ device delivers market leading enhancement of lower limb blood flow to conveniently accelerate the recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

Key benefits

  • Reduces muscle soreness - after high intensity training and competition
  • Increases blood flow - to a level of up to 70% of the blood flow achieved by walking, replacing the need for an active recovery (i.e. light run) making it time efficient
  • Warm up - increases circulation prior to exercise as part of a warm up regime
  • Recovery on the go - small, light (with no leads or wires) and comfortable to wear - easily fits in to a kit bag!





June 2014 

Nick Grantham, Performance Enhancement Specialist

"Athletes lead demanding lifestyles, often juggling training, travel and work commitments. They must place nutrition, hydration and recovery high on their training agenda. The portability and simplicity of the geko device enables athletes to recover on the go and reduce DOMS within 24 hours. Athletes can be confident of increased blood flow and accelerated metabolic waste removal immedicately after a high exertion training session or race when using the geko device"