Edema Reduction

Edema Reduction

The geko™ device has U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for edema reduction to address all pre and post-operative medical applications in the clinical setting and at home.

The clearance (issued on march 2018) reflects our strengths in providing high-impact therapies that address clinical unmet needs. Expansion into edema reduction, to treat and reduce swelling across all pre and post-operative clinical applications, is a major strategic development for the company and builds on our prior U.S. 510(k) clearance for post-surgical VTE prevention.


The geko™ device accelerates reduction of oedema <sup>2</sup>
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The James Cook University Hospital Testimonial



Illustration ref: Klabunde, RE (2014). Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts. Available at: [Accessed 21 Feb.2018]

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